Astonish Oven And Cookware Cleaner

Astonish Oven And Cookware Cleaner

Astonish Oven And Cookware Cleaner

Astonish Oven And Cookware Cleaner:

Full description

  • Extremely versatile, for use on oven, cookware, taps, tile and much more!
  • Helps restore items to like new
  • Fume free formulation and no need to wear gloves
  • With vegetable soap and a natural mineral abrasive
  • Good Housekeeping Institute Approved 2016
  • Vitreous Enamel Association tested & recommended
  • Not tested on animals, approved by Cruelty Free International
  • Suitable for Vegans, certified by the Vegan society

Here are responses from people who already use Astonish Oven And Cookware Cleaner.

By Alison on 6 Oct. 2011 in Amazon

I bought an old 1972 Aga 18 months ago, had it installed, and have spent the last 12 months trying to clean at least 20 years of burnt on fat off it, with what must of been nearly every make of de-greaser known to man, I was at breaking point when some gentleman farmer told me his cleaner uses “Astonish” on his Aga.
Hey presto what a simple to use, most effective de-greaser and shiner upper on just about everything inside and outside the house, and best of all it take the hard out of work.
BUY it you WON’T be disapointed.

By Vivid TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on 12 Jan. 2014 in Amazon

When I moved into my new house I inherited a range with a very blackened glass door. Tried everything to shift it and even googled for ideas on what to try but nothing made any difference to it. Saw someone mention this stuff and gave it a try and it really is wonderful stuff. Took a bit of elbow grease as it was really baked on to the glass door but I can’t believe the results.
The smell isn’t exactly chemical but working in close quarters with it over a prolonged period and the smell definitely builds up. It’s a bit lemony but still I had to just work on small areas at a time or become overwhelmed with it. I’m a little sensitive to strong smells though so maybe it’s just me.
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. This was the only thing that worked for me and I’d tried all sorts to do the job.

By Mr. David Keelon 25 January 2017 in Amazon

Ive been using Mr Muscle for years now. Didn’t think there could be anything better
I heard about Astonish but thought all the claims of it being a good product were because those people had never tried Mr Muscle Oven cleaner.
Ive been literally astonished !! It doesn’t hardly smell of anything. Mr Muscle used to stink the house down.
I used to have to use Mr Muscle four times to get everything off. This works first time. But how ?? !!!

The content of Astonish is quite a thick paste. But I have added a small amount of water to the cleaning product to make it a bit easier to work with…
I did this by emptying the contents out into a bowl and adding a small amount of water then blending it together with the paste using a fork. I then put it back into the plastic container which has quite a good airtight seal. Don’t overdo the water.
When using this on the items that are dirty and have burnt on food leave the solution to rest on the surface of them for 5 minutes. Instead of using immediately.

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