Ceramic Cookware Dangers

Ceramic Cookware Dangers – Some of the best kitchen utensil on the market is formed from glass, chrome steel, cast-iron, ceramic ware and ceramic. Ceramic (pottery) kitchen utensil is usually made up of clay, however it’s going to conjointly talk over with metal bodies coated with a ceramic glaze. Ceramic kitchen utensil is right for each cookery and serving food. In step with the authors of the book Gluten-Free Recipes for the acutely aware Cook, ceramic kitchen utensil slowly conducts heat and might keep food equally heat for hours. However, ceramic kitchen utensil has some dangers that has got to be thought-about before use.

Ceramic Cookware Dangers

Ceramic Cookware Dangers

Ceramic Cookware Dangers

Cuts and Bruises

Ceramic cooking utensil will break underneath thermal and physical stress. It’s necessary that each one ceramic cooking utensil be completely examined for cracks before use. Cracked or broken ceramic cooking utensil could disintegrate throughout cookery. Even littlest the tiniest of cracks could cause small, unobserved items to chip into the food item, movement a big risk.

Toxic Chemicals

Coated and glazed ceramic cooking utensil could contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), plastic (PTFE) and atomic number 48 — all unhealthful chemicals. These substances’ area unit susceptible to react with food and cause sickness. Perfluorooctanoic acid causes procreative ailments and liver injury once eaten in massive quantities and plastic will cause metabolism issues. In keeping with the activity Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), long exposure to atomic number 48 has various adverse health effects, as well as glandular carcinoma, carcinoma and urinary organ pathology.


While ceramic kitchen utensil is ready to resist high temperatures, burns will still occur if adequate safety precautions don’t seem to be taken. Gloves should always be worn once handling hot ceramic kitchen utensil to reduce the danger of burns.

]Lead Poisoning

Lead may be a present component which will simply contaminate water and food as a result of its abundance within the atmosphere. Its uptake will cause harm to the kidneys and system and it’s particularly dangerous for babies and little kids. Ceramic kitchen utensil is prone to contain lead which will leak into and contaminate food. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and also the National Institutes of Health (NIH) state that sure food substances, like vinegar, tomatoes and oranges, could react with the surface of ceramic kitchen utensil and cause be leached. Lead also will leach into hot beverages like soups, tea and low. It’s imperative that ceramic kitchen utensil solely be purchased from massive manufactures and also the label clearly states the merchandise to be lead-free.

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